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Dot Studio neck adjustment

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I'm new to this place and I'm also the proud owner of a brand new Dot Studio (Wine Red Burst)

I totally love this guitar and I'm still amazed at its price/quality!


My scene is jazz and I'd like to put some heavier, flatwound strings to it, maybe some 0.012 to 0.052, but I'm not sure if this neck can handle that extra tension... anyone here with experience with heavier strings on this guitar? (and do you know by any chance what strings this guitar ships with?)


Thanks and happy playing, everyone [crying]


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Guest icantbuyafender

yeah, My LP ultra uses 10's but i got the itch to try Ernie Ball Slinky .11's on her to work my fingers out.


Whole setup on the bridge and neck was needed for the tension-- to keep good action anyway.

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My Dot Studio runs 11's with a 52 and a 56 at the bottom and set up straight out of the box (in fact much better than with the 10's it came with so says a lot about the factory setups!) Only thing I needed to do was clean the nut a little by adding some pencil lead dust to the slots and using short lengths of each guage string as a file.


It will handle 12's with not probs - just maybe need to tweak the truss rod and saddles and clean/lube the slots in the nut.

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Thanks for welcome and advice, Gents

Sounds good, then!


One other question if I may ... any good guide/tutorial around here on the truss rod adjustment? I did it on my other guitar (Washburn J-6, L-5 style) but with this new baby I'm feeling more self-conscious #-o


I may end up odering another one :) I'd love to have it with a Charlie Christian pickup!)


Thanks again!


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