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What's the Difference in the Sizes?


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There's Super Jumbo' date=' Square Shoulder, and Round Shoulder listed on the Epi website.


Physical appearance & size, aside, what's the difference amongst the three?[/quote']



The Square shoulder and round shoulder jumbos are fairly close in size. The Super Jumbos have a larger, rounded lower bout making them larger than the other two.


When Martin made the first 'dreadnaught' (Square shouldered Jumbo) they called it a dreadnaught. Gibson countered with their version of a larger guitar and called it a Jumbo. Gibson's had rounded shoulders. Now-a-days, Gibson / Epiphone make both round a square shouldered Jumbos / Dreads. Generally speaking the Super Jumbo should be louder and bassier. I cannot speak to the volume and tonal qualities of the other two.


Gibson makes an Emmy Lou Harris SJ-200 which, on the surface, would have us believe it is a Super Jumbo. However the ELH SJ-200 is a down-sized version of the Super Jumbo 200 to fit her more petite frame. I, personally, wouldn't call the ELH SJ-200 a Super Jumbo.

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