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Sitting down with an archtop

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I'm loving the new Rivierea, I can't put it down. It's my fist archtop though and I find playing on my knee a bit tricky as it's always trying to slide off to the right, the contours of the body are so far off the center of gravity, I assume everyone must find this; I can see why BB plays it sat hanging from a strap! how do you play yours?

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It makes me apriciate more the stratocaster design, all those pointy bits and cut-outs, they look like they are for show but they keep the guitar perfectly balanced on the knee or on a strap and give easy access to the high frets; very clever! my other guitar is an SG and its the opposite of the arch, its neck heavy, especially on the strap, I've seen SGs with the strap button move on to the top horn to improve this,

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