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Does anyone have a set of SD antiquity minis in their Sheraton?


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I was doing a further little research today about mini humbuckers.......[biggrin]


Seymour Duncan Antiquity II™ Mini-Humbucker: neck and bridge / 11014-11 & 12 pickups


The blurb reads like this




I always liked this pickup. I'll never forget a guy named Glenn Schwartz who played in the early James Gang and Pacific Gas & Electric. He had an old Epiphone® Sheraton™ fitted with mini-humbuckers that got such a huge tone. With this pickup, I set out to capture that same tone. This pickup fits into the P-90 soapbar cover-style mounting ring and has adjustable pole pieces.


Has anyone tried SD Antiquity Minis in their Sheraton....????


I think this is the Sheraton referred to.....

(Forget about Oasis and all that Union Jack nonsense, check out the paint job on this Musikron....[biggrin]. Also an interesting take on the frequensator string length problem, Glenn Schwartz chose to have two long sections on his frequensator)




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Guest icantbuyafender

Im using a set of gibson vintage reissue minihumbuckers in my Epi goldtop.


I really could not be any happier. She is my number 1, go-to guitar.



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