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What model is this guitar?


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I was hoping someone could help me figure out the year and model of this guitar. I bought it used for really cheap. The former owner had custom work done to it to make it look worn in. It looks cool. Its definitely been used. Not sure what exact model it is and wondering if its worth trying to sell or not.


Thanks for any insight!





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The work he did is called "relicing" and it is a preference as to whether you want it done or not. It takes away from the value if not done very well, and even a good job will limit who would possibly buy it.


Regarding the serial number, are you sure it is a '1' and not an 'I'?


If it is an I, then the following applies to your guitar:

Your guitar was made at the

Saein Plant, Korea

July 1998

Production Number: 0339


As to which Les Paul model it is, I am not exactly sure. Someone else may be able to help there.


If it plays well, keep it. Epiphones are not an investment purchase.

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