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wilshire colour


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i bought an original 1967 epiphone wilshire all orginal nothing missing or replaced with original case. when i finnaly recieved the guitar i noticed it was more of a brown colour i just thought it was cherry that had faded to a brown but then as i was surfing the net i found two others that were also brown but these looked to be purposefully brown and not faded cherry.


i was just wondering if any of you guys could tell me if they did make brown wilshires in addition to the cherry ones and also what other colours were available.

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I also have a '67. Its color is somewhere between cherry and oxblood I think. If you could provide some pictures, I would know if mine has the same color as yours.

Here's mine:


By the way check this:


the Crestwood Deluxe and the Olympic are definitely cherry red while the Wilshire looks totally brown. :-

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A friend bought his wilshire -cheap- refinished in nitro pelham blue. As it was a serious mess he stripped it down. The naked guitar has a similar tint!

please take a look:


Is there weather checking on yours - any kind of signs that would tell it could be the stock finish?

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