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Your thoughts on refinishing a vintage guitar

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I'm working out the final details of a deep wine 66 Gibson Melody Maker that's been modified for a ABR bridge and tailpiece set-up.


There's checking and chips all over the guitar, and unfilled holes from the stock vibrola. If I decide to refinish it, I was thinking of a pelham blue.


Let me know what ya think[cool]

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There's checking and chips all over the guitar' date=' and unfilled holes from the stock vibrola. If I decide to refinish it, I was thinking of a pelham blue.[/quote']

Not sure if you're asking about the color choice or the wisdom of refinishing vintage guitars, but I'll say: 1) Pelham blue is a great color; 2) If the guitar's already been hacked up pretty good by previous owners, a refin won't devalue it any further, and might even enhance it.


Would be interested in how to tackle chips have a few on the headstock of my E-by-G will follow this thread with interest.....

Joe, there's a good tutorial on StewMac's Trade Secret's site about fixing headstock chips, but I can't seem to find it. This one is similar and might help: http://www.stewmac.com/tradesecrets/ts0040_lacquerfill.hzml?jrl=286065&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ts0040&clk=141631

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1966... makes it a double-cut, non-SG, right?


I have no issue with refinishing it - it's already modified, the original finish is already rough, and it's not the most valuable guitar to begin with. If it were stock and in good condition, I'd leave it. If the finish was rough, regardless of condition, I'd refinish it.


I'm not sure about the colour choice, though... I'd probably go with something a little more traditional. If it were an SG-shaped Melody Maker, the blue would work.

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Do you want the guitar to be a player or a collector?


When you answer that, you have your answer.


I'm a player and never considered the resale value of any of my instruments. The only guitar I have that is a collector, became a collector without me knowing it. I simply liked it as it was and had no reason to change anything (my ES-330).


But I play music for a living. In the life of any instrument that I play, I will make more money by using it as it was intended to be used than I would have made by locking it in a climate-controlled display box and selling it decades later.


But those are my priorities, and perhaps not yours.


And I think blue is a good choice for a color.


Insights and incites by Notes

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Well I certainly get both sides of the fence on this matter.... If the guitar had no mods performed, I would certainly leave it alone, but then again I probably wouldn't purchase it..... I would leave it for the collector or a player that appreciates aged finishes.


But since this guitar has been modded pretty extensively, it falls into an area where I feel comfortable refinishing it.

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I know I'm totally biased. But what about something wild such as Silverfox finish (though it's not period correct)?



[blink] ...... Those pickup poles are about ready to pop out of their eye sockets[biggrin]


BTW' date=' *****in guitar[cool']

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