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Got the whole gang together today!


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Great guitars guys/gals!


I just took this over the weekend after removing the pickguard from my Casino. I needed an updated family shot.


I like em... Couple nice Blondes, Couple beautiful Brunettes and one stunning Redhead! [cool]



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What is the acoustic all the way to the left? Thats really nice! Also' date=' is that a BOSS distortion DS-1 I see? I think everyone and their brother has that pedal. Mine is 20 years old, beat to hell and still works like a champ.[/quote']

The acoustic is a Gretsch Historic Series acoustic/electric. I don't remember the model number of the top of my head but I'll post it later. Yes thats a BOSS DS-1. They are great and you can't beat the price on them too.

Nice collections everyone!

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Gretsch G-5020 Rancher?





Its a G3700 Historic Series. These are discontinued now but when they were in production they sold for $900, at least that what I can find on the net. I don't know if that price is correct. I got it for $250 and its great! I love it!

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Thanks Duane' date=' I'd love to see your family and the mysterious Julia![/quote']


I'm gonna try and get all the guitars that wondering around this house[biggrin]


Julia is a great player..... Don't think it could have become a reality without my Luthier[cool] ..... He's a super cool person and is very open to ideas, unlike some of the on-line Luthier hacks that knock everything.[thumbup]

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Everytime I see that Gibby LP 'burst I start getting GAS. Also I can still remember the feeling of that Byrd when it was in Portland. How are you liking it? I know it played and felt wonderful. I remember comparing it to a new Gibson ES-175 and would have taken the Byrd in a heartbeat over that Gibson.


As always, you have a beautiful collection and it seems to be growing every so often.


When I was a kid just trying to learn how to play, I spent some time practicing with a co-worker of my Dad's that was from Oklahoma, who had a nickname of......Okie. Anyway he played a Gretsch pretty much like yours. Wonderful guitars, and underrated, in my opinion.


All the other people have great collections too!



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