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epiphone les paul standard plus body body wood??


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"Standard" Epi standards have a thin maple cap so are usually described as mahogany/alder, on one I used to own (Korean) the cap was about 1/8" all over, so not a real cap like Gibsons have. Others here have posted pics of Epis showing a cap which is more like 1/2" in the thickest part (the centre), so obviously it's varied over time.


I routed out a 2008 "EE" Epi std plus top for a middle humbucker last year. It only had a paper-thin veneer over the cheap mahogany, obviously just for the cosmetic finish on a plus top. The dealers quoting it as mahogany/alder are probably cutting and pasting their text from a description of a Standard without plus top. FWIW I don't think it makes a damn bit of difference to the tone.


Epiphone Les Paul Standards are cheap copies of Gibsons, so don't expect the same quality materials. Wood, components, finish are all cheaper, the only thing which is the same quality is the Grovers. Absolutely everything else is cost-reduced.


I'm not knocking Epis, they are good value and my upgraded Standard plays and sounds great.

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