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My first post here so Hello to all.


I've owned the SC 210 for i would guess 15 years now, bought it used when i wanted to upgrade from a Peavey 15watt amp.

It's a great amp, i loved it because it was LOUD but now over the years as i've grown to enjoy playing heavier music the distortion wasnt to my liking, this amp is definitely more aimed at blues or classic rock tones so i bought a pedal to get the sound i was looking for (Hardwire TL2) and boy is it a match made in heaven, but there is a problem, I cant crank up the volume too much (beyond 5) or else the signal breaks up; im not an electronics wizard so my question is: is the pedal too much for the amp or is it the stock speakers?


I'm at work now so i cant check the voltage but the amp uses a small fuse in the back, how would that tie in into my problem?


I appreciate any and all help.



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Unlikely to be a line voltage problem. Have you tried any other pedals? I'm thinking Ibanez TS9 or similar.


Not very scientific, but if you have exactly the same problem with other pedals, then it's the amp/speakers. If the problem goes away or is significantly different, then probably a pedal output mismatch.


Let us know....

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