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Les Paul + Bigsby B7 = Cant use planet lock guitar strap?


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Hi all..


I attached a Bigsby B7 + Vibramate V7 on my LP,

But turns out i can't use a Planet Lock Guitar Strap..


I'll show you the images:


This is the strap connect part.. I dont know what is it called..

This is the top one..



And this, is the bottom, close to the tail peace..



And this is my Planet Lock Guitar strap..







As you can see, the end my strap lock is kind of thick, and it can't fit to the bottom strap connect of the guitar..


I marked it with red lines..


Do you know what i meant?


Any solutions?



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Metal, you don't want the felt washers. Size, small enough to fit the hole in the hinge, and big enough to allow the screw to go through. You're on your own regarding the exact measurements.

I suggest you visit your local hardware store and bring the old screw with you. That will allow you to check the length and thread of a suitable replacementscrew. Good luck!

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Hic, most Sears stores have a hardware section that includes stainless steel philips head screws and washer in a wide variety of sizes. Gab a bunch that are close and experiment until you get the right combination. If you must have gold, you will then know the eaxct dimensions of what you need to replace them, and have temporary substitutes in the meantime.


Or, you could just switch to Schaller or other straplocks and buy a dedicated strap for the guitar.

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I'll open a new thread regarding the look of my LP..


About the problem of the strap buttons..

First, i cant use stuff like this



Because my strap buttons are really tight..






what i need is...


Something to fill the gap that the red arrow is pointing..something solid i suppose..




Thus, if all this are going well.. i can use any time of locks i want.. just like it the top strap buttons.


I need this length (red line)



So SOrry to make this complicated...

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