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Ultra II LP


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I have one. I think they're a great guitar. I find it one of the most versatile

of my guitars, with a wide range of sounds.

Some of the other members have them, and have had some problems

with the circuitry, or just learning to use them. I've never had a problem.

One guy had to take his to the shop to have the circuit board replaced.

They are not a guitar to buy if you want to change pots. The pots

are wired into the circuit board, and are not easily changed.

Another member has changed his pickups and is very happy with the sound he is getting.

I think he went with a Rockfield SWC in the bridge position, and a Dimarzio Super II in the neck.

I have the stock pickups.


All in all I highly recommend the Ultra 2.

The neck is slim and fast with a satin finish on the back. Grover 16-1 tuners are stock.

The guitar is lighter than a regular LP, and some say that kills sustain.

My guitar has all kinds of sustain. The chambered body does change the sound somewhat,

sounding a bit lighter than a regular LP. I think it sounds clearer when using the neck pickup.

You can wear it for a couple hours without your shoulder falling off.

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