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How many Apparitions were made??

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I believe there were only one or two thousand made, probably the former as it's not a particularly popular guitar.


Not enough were made for many to find their way to New Zealand, and at a reasonable price, anyway. I'd love to get one myself, but there's no way in hell I'm paying US$1800 for one.


I'd appreciate it if you could throw some photos up!

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Thanks, yeah it has killer looks and incredible features, the real Floyd Rose keeps it in tune no matter how hard/often you dive. The 81 and 85 EMG's are feirce, I LOVE the flat/satin finish on the neck,This is without a doubt the best quality Epi I have ever seen or played and the OHSC is built to last as well, I only wish my Gibby Explorer Pro had its features,,,,,but the Gibby is my baby and always will be, I will try to put up some pics,, I guess it is probably $300 - $400 to ship something this size to NZ?? I don't think you can find one new anymore ,, but I think they sold for $850 or so on musicians friend??,, I guess I would let mine go for the right price. anyway thanks again Ron[/img]

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