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Improvements for a 2004, Peerless factory casino

Jimi Shelter

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I'm new here and I'm wondering what are some good improvements for my 2004 Casino from the korean peerless factory.

It's a great playing guitar but I'm wondering what it would be like If I did some work on it.

new pots? Pickups? bone nut? , etc....?

Anyone got any good advice.

So far all I've done is stick a black volume knob on it like J. Lennons.

It's blonde but came with a "Bigsby licensed" tailpiece.

That's what it says, so it's not a Bigsby or an Epiphone tailpiece. It's "Bigsby licensed", whatever that means..


Thank you,


Clams Casino


Providence, USA

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Welcome to the forum!


'Standard' tone upgrades to a Casino are:


- Bone or Tusq Nut, make sure it's cut correctly

- New electrics (pots, caps, switch, jack) before making a decision on the pups

- New bridge, as you have a Bigsby you may want to look at Roller bridges


Needless to say these are not definitive, everyone has their own preference


As there are so many different types of P90 pups available, I would recommend that you play as many as you can until you find a tone that matches the tone that you hear in your head, rather than just buying the most expensive ones.


And don't forget to upload some pics [thumbup]

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Thanks for the welcome and the info.

Those are the things I figured to do.

Although it's a pretty nice guitar, I can see where some improvement can be made.

The bigsby was after market and I'm not sure it was installed all that well and when I'm using it I can see the bridge rock back and forth.

It stays in tune pretty well but I can see where the roller bridge would help that.


I bought a Sheraton in 1988 that was stolen. Wish I still had that.

Then, in '95 I bought a sunburst casino but had to sell it after a motorcycle accident for money to live on, so I'm hoping I can keep this one which I bought used for $599 (too much?) from a guitar store in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts in 2006 to do a show in San Francisco with a band I hadn't played with for almost twenty years.


Now, if I can figure out how to download a pic[/img]

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You need to have your photo hosted on an online photo storage place like Photobucket or Shutterfly. Once uploaded there you can click the link above here and insert your image link from your online photo storage.


Or you could just PM me and I can give you my email address. Then send them to me and I will upload them for you.


Welcome to the forum. I am a newer Casino owner too. Just grabbed a 1996 Casino with an Epiphone Factory installed Bigsby.... sweetness!

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Yup. Just figured it out.

Also, I just remembered, which isn't hard to do because it's hanging on my living room wall, but late in 2008 I saw an ad for an Epiphone Viola Bass so I drove out to Worcester, Mass and picked it up for $200.

Brand new 10 year old in Epiphone case with the hang tags and sticker still on the pickguard.

Slapped some flatwounds on it and got me a felt pick and the next thing you know, I'm breakin' up the Beatles!.....just kidding...

Plays great though , but boy does that guitar need some modifications..





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Nice looking guit-fiddles!


If you use the button above that looks like a mountain range with a sun above it, it will actually post the photo, not just a link.....


Like this... (You may have to refresh your screen to see it full size. Both the Epi and Gibson forums do this for some reason)



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