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Ok ordered the bc 30 today, it was a tough decision between the peavy delta blues 115 and the epi bc 30.

I chose the bc 30, I dont gig and I thought the bc 30 would be a little easier to play in the house without having my neighbor's calling the cops. I can cut the power down on the bc 30,you cant do that on the peavy.


I have one ? where can I obtain a foot switch for the bc30 and what type would be compatiable.


Thanks for looking. Bob

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Hate to tell you this but the difference in volume between 15W & 30W on the BC30 is negligeable. On either setting it's WAY too loud to be played with any sort of breakup at home levels without upsetting the neighbours unless they live a long way away from you.


Any Epi dealer shoud be able to order you a footswitch - they're not expensive.


BTW Geat choice

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You can get the footswitch from Sweetwater and it's surprisingly inexpensive with FREE shipping ($23.95):



This place will make a cover for your amp:



Tube upgrade will be needed. Be absolutely sure you get the matched phase inverter tube. This cat will fix you up:



Make sure you give the speakers time to break in (12 -20 hours total playing time) before you make any decisions to change them out for something different.


If you're feeling adventurous and are handy with tools and a soldering iron, here's THE BC30 mod thread:


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Got my footswitch at SWEETWATER, and as Twanger said: FREE SHIPPING and Great Price. I did the Cap Cut mod also.I swapped the tubes to Tungsol's and Sovtek Rectifier and these mods made a hell of a difference to the sound. You will like your BC30, also it just LOOKS GREAT.......

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