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Weird Fret buzz problems


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Hi, this has probably been covered before, but I'm having fret problems with my Epiphone Les Paul Custom.


The frets themselves are fine when playing a normal note, but when I bend a note on the 13th fret, I am treated to an extremely unpleasant 'buzzing'-type sound, or the note is killed completely.


With new strings, it only seems to happen on the e, B, and sometimes G strings, and like I said it's just on the 13th fret. It's an extremely annoying problem and was just wondering what it was before I go out and get it looked at - as I'm pretty short of money (in true guitarist fashion).


Thanks to anyone who helps - or points me in the direction of help.



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When you have a guitar set up professionally, by a good tech, there is a thing

called "Fall Away" that gets filed into the frets, high up on the neck.

This is when the frets are filed slightly lower than the rest, from about the 12th fret on up to the

end of the neck.

Because a constant radius neck has the tendency to "Fret Out" when bending

strings, "Fall Away" is added to counteract this phenomenon.

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