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She's finally completed!!!

duane v

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Really nice. I saw her last July at the Orange County Fair Grounds' date=' sat in the pit, 2nd row about 50 feet from her. She has 2 that she plays, the original plus a newer one. At the end of the concert, she turned the guitar around (the old one I think) and it had a sticker on it that read [b']EAT A VEGETARIAN[/b]...



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Groovy Duane !!

yeahhhhhh ohhh yeahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh


Back in the days before security in front of the stage, JJ grabbed my hand (along with about 20 others) when she 1st came on stage at a small venue in my hometown.(I was front row, & she actually grabbed everyones hand in front-center, & shook it)

Later in the show, she spat on my sholder.............what a well rounded evening!

Seen her 3 times now, and she's NEVER disappointed........MOF, sometimes she's better than the headliner.

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This is not fair - here I am on a limited budget' date='

and you throw things up that make me want to sell

my girlfriend for $$$ to get one... Hmmmmm...

Wonder how much? [/quote']

Thought I said to get rid of her already!!! Remember, sell "as-is"!!


Duane, you have another beauty there! So. what's the next one all about?


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This is how it all started




Had one of our machinist do the routing since my Luthier was on tour.



Sorta worried here[blink] .... We had to castrate part of the tenon *OUCH*.... But I went ahead and added some gorilla glue to the crevices.




Switched out the stock PING tuners and went with some 72 Gibson tuners.... I'm waiting on the nickel tulip pegs from Schaller..... Man that was like pulling teeth to get those[blink]


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