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what pickups should i get???


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for $300 that a Line 6 is you can get some pretty decent tube amps. If you play an amazing sounding guitar through a "bad" amp its gonna make the pick up upgrades null.


off the top of my head


Epiphone Valve Jr.




Fender Champ 600

Fender Champ XD




I second the Mean 90s. They are great pups.

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The Gibson ceramics will give you some improvement for heavy rock / metal tones but if you want cleaner bluesier tones as well' date=' you won't get anything good out of that pup and amp combination. Ceramic pups tend to have power without warmth.



MGs ARE some super crappy amps.


As far as the pups go however, I disagree. I have a set of Gibson ceramics in My Epi LPC, and I can wring some real nice blues tones from them. AND they'll rock your face off too.


If you're looking for a really nice tube amp, you can dig up a used Carvin X100B for about $400-$450. (I actually got my X212B (X100B in 2X12 combo form) through a series of craigslist trades.) They'll still rock your face off like a Marshall but won't rock your wallet. Zappa and Vai used X100Bs. Good enough for them, good enough for me...

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it seems some gfs's AND a new amp are needed i am only using a 5 watt peavey nano and pod xt. this is the other cheapy i was looking at:


i can whack the pod through the nano and get some great tones... none of these have a master volume... although there are mods.


i think the gfs power rails are like dirty fingers? passive, 3 ceramic magnets per pickup with lots of turns. i've just swapped out those magnets for some alnico's though as i didn't need that much gain and wantted them a little chimier.

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