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Epiphone Supernova Output jack problems


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Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction.


This morning after getting no sound through my Epi Supernova i had a look at the output jack, turns out the wires had completely come off the jack. Once I retreived the loose jack from inside the body I was hoping to get the wires out too and solder them back on but so far I cant find the wires let alone get them into position so i can re-solder.


If anyone has any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Take a small mirror taped to a pencil (a dental mirror is better), place through the f-holes. With a small flashlight you should be able to locate the wires. Use a coathanger bent with a hook on the end to snake out the wires out of the f-holes. Resolder the input jack and thoroughly test with an amp before reinstalling. Snake the jack back into the jack hole using the coathanger and an old guitar string. Using the guitar string to hold the jack tight up in the hole, thread the washer and nut down the string and lightly thread them on making sure the jack doesn't turn much. Remove the string, and using a small screwdriver braced through the jack (to keep it from turning ) and a small box-end or adustable wrench, tighten the nut whilst keeping the jack stationary.


This is so easy a four-year can do it. (Not!)


Seriously, all this needs to be done with care not to scratch the finish or bugger up the F-holes, especially the soldering bit. Masking tape, soft cloths, and other protective measures are required. If you're not extremely patient and handy with tools, or otherwise uncomfortable with the above, probably best to take it to a pro. But who knows, you may decide it's fun and want to rewire the whole thing with new pickups, pots and an orange drop cap. Here's a video of how you too can spend just $100 and a rainy afternoon to become the envy of your peers for many years to come:





Cheers, Brian

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