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Hey there , New to the forum and im looking for advice on a old epiphone ea


250 it was past down to me. No im not asking value as i know its a piece of


junk [blush] im looking to fix it up as it has sentimental value being my


uncles and past down to me being my first. Im planing on picking up a few


things from Guitarfetish.com and im curious if they will work/fit. First im


replacing the tail piece with the trapeze one they have. I plan to put in


some GF.coms chrome plated humbuckers. Lastly im going to put in new


tuners. They have the les paul Junior ones that have the backing plate i


want to cover up the holes after replacing the tuners that come stock. will


these things help ?? will the humbuckers and tuners fit? also my main


problem with this guitar is the Flimsy heel block the neck bends with a


touch, is there ANYway to make that stronger ??? also could i add bracing to


the guitar body it self to stop so much feed back at higher volumes?? any


help would be amazing!!! thank you so much for reading!![blink] ;)

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Replace the tailpiece? Do you have the wooden harp one? That's the best bit of the guitar! [biggrin]


No, standard humbuckers won't fit. EA250's are bigger.


Some owners have put a piece of dense foam down the inside of the centre of the body to help with feedback.


The tuners on mine work well- If I have tuning problems I'll always check the nut before buying tuners. No, the nut isn't a standard Gibby/Epi size.


Don't know about the heel- I don't think these are the strongest guitar ever made tho', maybe you just have to treat it nice!


I posted about these EA250's a little while ago, my opinion being they are OK for what they are, but don't expect it to be something it isn't. Beyond making it playable I wouldn't bother with upgrades, it doesn't sound to me like you'll get what you want from this gtr. I too own mine as it was handed down to me.


Edit to add- pardon my manners- welcome to the forum! [thumbup]

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Well it might be "a piece of junk" but they fetch a good price these days and some guys love 'em.

I had an EA250 back in the 70's and I did pretty much the same things you're thinking of now.

The trapeze tailpiece shouldn't be a problem but you'll probably be left with some holes which isn't a biggie really.

I think you'll find that it depends on what pickups are fitted now as to whether replacements will fit easily. Mine had black plastic covered pup's which were a completely different size and shape to a "normal" humbucker and I had to fit some shaped wood either side when I fitted a DiMarzio in the bridge position (see pic below).

New tuners aren't going to fit without some extra holes being drilled and the old ones showing but you can always fill any holes. You may also have to drill out the holes for the tuning posts unless you can find some with the same size shaft, I fitted Schallers and had to drill out.

The heel block's not the problem it's the neck which is too thin and whippy. This was something that I never found a cure for. I actually removed the finish from the heel and glued the neck in before replacing the screws but NOTHING would help that guitar play in tune. As you say the slightest pressure on the neck acted like a (very poor) tremolo arm.

I think the feedback problem is something you just have to learn to live with on a hollow body, you could try stuffing some dusters in the F holes I suppose, I've seen that done before.

I got rid of my EA250 when someone offered me a straight swap for a '75 Antoria ES175 copy and I almost bit his hand off in the rush to do the trade.

In the nicest way possible I would suggest that you keep the EA250 stock (as you say for sentimental reasons) and use the money you were going to spend on it on a DOT, Casino or Riviera.





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I bought Commodore N25 Semi Acoustic Guitar in 1971 and it was made in same Japanese factory then Epiphone EA-250.

I have three websites on this guitar go to https://sites.google.com/site/commodoren25semiacousticguitar/

Commodore N25 is nice to look at but needs setup and new strings. I hope to get Epiphone Dot Semi Acoustic Guitar that design like Gibson 335 Dot from 1958 to start me off again. This can be bought for $200 but would it be like copy in same mode of Epiphone EA-250 in quality wise.


post-73881-060525500 1441830064_thumb.jpg


Best Wishes To All

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