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My HNGD - My first Epi Les Paul Standard Plus


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Just purchased this one. Secondhand but in very good condition. It is a Qingdao, November 2006 baby with a slimmer 60s neck. Came with a mint condition Epiphone hard case. Previous owner is an Indie/Punk guitarist in a local band on the Gold Coast here in Australia.


It needs a bit of work and being a bit obsessive I have already checked it over and had to do a bit of fret dressing and polishing - nothing too severe, just some slight string grooves on several lower frets, and all frets needed a fine grade sanding and steel wool polish. The 13th fret is a little high and I got my trusty Stewmac fret file out and have levelled it. All seems good now.


The bridge pickup, as per photo, was changed to a Seymour Duncan SH8 Invader pickup - if you ever want to upset your grandma or the neighbours, this is the pickup to use! Forget the gain control on your amp - ain't necessary.


This pup seems to be nuclear powered and the magnets are such that it sucks in metal objects, small furry pets, and dims the lights in my house - awesome really! It won't be there for long. I don't mind it actually, but you cannot get a clean sound out of it.


If I was 25 years younger and playing heavy metal (as I did back then), I would love it. It will be on ebay soon. Anyway, doing some upgrades - probably pickup change to either Gotoh, Tonerider, or Seymours's 59s???? Pots, caps, and harness will be replaced. The wood sounds good - excellent sustain acoustically. Body appears to be three pieces of timber.


Anyway, 'nuff said....................







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invaders are pretty hot- that's why i stayed away when i shopped for seymour duncans way back when. now i'd recommend something from bryan gunsher at bg pups. i like the smoke stacks myself:


bg pups


a neat perverse choice might be a tv jones powertron. i'd love to try that one day.


as for the wiring, mojotone and rs guitarworks seem to be the most common upgrades. i'd love to hear more about them, as i'd like to try it one day. the rs kits, especially.

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Thanks folks. Will check out EOR's suggestion. Actually Bender, since posting I has thought of the cap change to clean up. Being a "modder" I think I will experiment before moving it on. The Invader has potential and when combined with the standard Epi neck pup it might be controllable.

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