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Need Dot Wiring Help!


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I was changing out the stock pickup selector switch to a Switchcraft as well as the two volume pots to Gibson 500k when something went wrong. I have already changed out the pickups (Gibson P-94s) so I know those are wired correctly. Is there anyone who can give me the exact wiring diagram or better, photo showing the wiring or even describe it in detail? I would really appreciate it.

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Yeah Ive tried that but there's nothing specific on Dots. The closest I could find is a Sheraton. I need specifics down to wire color.


You don't need wire colours to wire up a Dot. This is bog standard Gibson wiring.

Sounds like your connections to the 3 way are not made properly?..how did you

wire it up?


The two outer connections on the Switchcraft 3-way are meant for the neck and

bridge. The two centers are joined together and a shielded wire goes back to

the jack.


The p_up shielded braid are connected to the large ground lug on the opposite side of

the switchcraft.

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ok let me re-phrase that then. is the wire coming from the middle lug on the neck volume pot going to the switch?


Yes. The outer tap of the volume should be connected to the hot wire of the p_up.

The middle tap goes to one of the outer connections of the 3 way. You will need to

determine by orienting the switch in the Rythmn/Treble position and flicking it to

determine which lug the neck connects to. It will be the opposite lug to the position

of the toggle.

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