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Let's start a Valve Senior Club !!!!!!

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Today i got my Valve Senior Head and tested it a little bit......i was blown away....i didn't thought that it got that nice TONE!!!!!

Especially with my Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster it sounds awesome!!!!And with my Fulltone Fatboost Clone engaged....POW...can't tell you how happy i am with this amp.



So let's start a VALVE SENIOR CLUB !

It would be great to share all the experiences,mods and opinions on this great amp!




First member : gypsyseven[biggrin]

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Even though I'm new you can count me in too!


I got a Valve Junior and had it modded a lot by Andy from RAT Electronics (I am from the UK by the way, probably one of very few UK members on this forum), and I was hugely impressed, it was my first step into valve amps and I wanted something simple to start with, I'm glad I went with Epiphone and then down the modding to your spec route.


I then became interested in the Valve Senior, and last week noticed that some UK shops had got some back in stock again. Being aware of how these seem to come and go, with some persuading I took my chance and purchased one, and happily, they were in stock, and one came to my door this Tuesday. I was able to give it some testing and all I can say is wow! I made the right choice to upgrade to the Valve Senior. It has all the controls I want which will allow me to play about with getting some nice rocking tones! Again, I will be getting this modded by RAT Electronics again soon, and then it will become the main amp I use for home at the moment, and then for the stage probably too when that time comes, it is definitely loud enough for me! Anyway here is my still unfinished Valve Senior setup.




Basically, I am running it through a 1x10 Mesa Boogie Express cab with an Eminence E50 speaker for the punchy high end, paired underneath with a custom made 1x12 cabinet that I obtained which still needs a speaker fitted to it (hopefully soon, need to regenerate some cash!). I'll be fitting a more bassy speaker in to balance things out for a nice bottom end. I cannot wait until everything is complete, then I can unleash the Valve Senior rockin' tones!


Anyway, another very pleased Valve Senior owner here so count me into the club please![blink]

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One of the mods I am having done to it is power scaling, which gets cranked tone at home volume levels. I had it fitted to my Valve Junior and it really does work nice. I've never tried attenuators so I cannot really comment there, but if you want that true cranked tube sound at an acceptable volume level that won't get you shot by the neighbours, then in my experience power scaling is the business.


You can read more about it here.

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what cabinets do you guys use for your VS's?Valve Junior 1x12?


Any recommendations?


I'm using the Epi cab that I bought with my VJr. Actually looks pretty cool with the Sr head on top.


Question for all of you guys...anybody swapped out the tubes yet? If so, with what and is there any noticeable difference?

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I also thought that the first thing would be to change the stock tubes.But i like it stock so far.Works great with all my OD/Booster pedals and the volume on the guitar.


Tragic & Gypsy' date=' thx for the info. I'm with Gypsyseven so far. I'm estimating that I've got about 30-35 hours on this and I wanted to give everything a good break in before experimenting, but so far, I'm real happy with what I can get out of this thing. I normally don't use a lot of reverb, so that's not an issue for me. I usually use a slight delay, depending on what I'm playing, occasionally a little DS-1 for some tone. I've tried just about all of my guitars through this thing, and they all have their own "personalities" if you will, but I can flat out say that there is just a [i']serious [/i]love affair going on between my VSr and Gibby LP Std!!!! [thumbup]


That's not to say that the 339 and my modded Dot aren't closing in fast!! [cool]

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