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Black Beauty pick up conumdrum


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OK, I am new here please don't bite me!


In the last few months I decided that the stock pickups on my epi les paul black beauty were not good enough and that i was prepared to "splash the cash" and get some nice gold *ACTIVE* EMG's installed. So away I went and got an 85 on the neck and an 81 in the bridge and left the stock pickup in the guitar. the guitar shop that fitted the pups made it so the middle pup was not working. It sounds great so far!


Just recently i decided to "finish the job" and get a gold EMG 60 for full diversity. HOWEVER, due to the fact that I never really used the middle position on the pup switch, i did not until this week realise that this position in fact activated both the middle and bridge pups. What i used to think was that the switch used only one pup at a time. Apparently wiring of the middle and bridge pickup are "out of phase", I am not sure exactly what this means but I gather it means that the middle pup is compromised in the equation.


My goal with the customisation was to have each of the pups individually available for different tones, but with the standard wiring this is not possible. So I was wondering, is it actually possible to customise the wiring? My idea was to have the 60 on the neck, 85 in the middle and the 81 at the bridge.


1. Does anyone have any experience of setting this up in a 3 pup les paul?

2. Does anyone know of a wiring diagram for this config (pref with active pups)?

3. Will I need a new switch or loom?

4. If individual selectivity IS possible is there any reason the config above would cause conflicts (e.g. 60 on the neck etc)?

5. if I HAVE to have a "blend" of pups in the middle position, which would you recommend (e.g. 85 and 81)?


many thanks!

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Hi Paradox, welcome to the forum and congrats on your Black Beauty!


The LP 3 PUP configuration you describe is very simple, just follow this simple wiring diagram:




Ha ha - just kidding, this is more along the lines of what you're looking for:





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