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vj to supro


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first I mocked it up with old pieces of vj turret strips. to see how it would all set out.



then I used better material and got everything solid and tight.



I had put in two switches.. by mistake.. the guy who wanted this amp didn't want the switches.



also the chassis was flipped so I did a little shuffling and put on a new face plate.. les paul pickguard cream color.



very touch sensitive.. really nice cleans..

smooth and mellow.. or brash and biting..

very sixties vibe to the cleans and early dirt..


nice for blues. right into hard rock.


I really like the way this amp sounds..

and I'm really thinking about the supro mods on an EL34 as probably a great combination.


plenty of clear notes in even big distorted chords.. sustain.. it has really neat sustain you can drag notes out and control

the feedback much better on the supro build than any other I've done.


It's just a very sweet little amp.!

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I followed the layout from www.turretboards.com



and made some changes based on other guys builds.


right now, I'm still working on it.

It's noisy


Something's goofy and I dunno what!

there's a soft spit sound when I turn the volume up..just past 9:00

and then a soft but irritating hiss/hum


no other amp I have makes these funky sounds.

I've done all the spaghetti arranging..wire twisting.. etc.


and can't find where or why the noise is there.


It's sound is really really nice.. IF I can get that damn noise out!, it would be great.

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