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New member with a question about an S-900


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Hi there!

I picked up an Epiphone S-900 earlier today and have a question.

It is in really good shape for being so old but is missing the locking nut.

Does anyone know where I can get one or will a Floyd Rose nut work.

It has the Epi Bennder bridge that I believe was designed by Floyd Rose so I am assuming they used his nut design as well?

A whammy bar would be nice too:)


It is a very nicely made Superstrat type guitar with a set neck.


Thanks in advance!

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Welcome! Cool guitar you got! You need to post some pics! I looked in my Stewmac catalog and they don't give any specs on a locking nut. You might go to floydrose.com and send an email asking for dimensions, and maybe precisely measure your mounting holes etc and send those dimensions to them to see if it'll fit.

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