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any info on my lp please


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hello posted this in the other forum also. just picked this up and dont know a lot about it it has some unreadable (even with mag glass) stamping under the tuners . the tuners are a older style and its a nice guitar. I am brand new and could not get photos on here except my avatar (thats it) see this link for a few more and ask any questions please. Thanks http://img78.imageshack.us/g/img00060.jpg/

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Here's your guitar:











Looks like a LP Standard, maybe a late 90's model? Hard to say for sure without a serial number.

Looks go though! How's it sound?


Tip: When you're in the window to post, click on the icon that has a sun over a mountain at the top, it will put two "img" in brackets, copy the DIRECT LINK to your photo (from imageshack in your case) and paste it in between them.

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