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My EL34

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I emailed the guy waiting for this. it was supposed to be a fun build for me and a cheap amp for him..

I'm giving him all this suffering, a weber OT and a complete rebuild. for 60.00

I've never been so embarrassed.

It's almost always the jobs that you do out of the goodness of your heart, to do someone a favor, that turn out to be possessed. It's like a murphy's law.


Fwiw, I've always been told that you cannot accurately measure component values like resistors, while they're installed in a circuit.

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+1 It's the favor jobs that bite you in the *** every time!..........and never work for family!

I've got two perfect examples on the bench right now. The first is a zendrive/mosfet boost pedal that I'm helping a young friend out with. Everything works except the gain on the ZD, and I've gone over it 93 times and even found matching voltages at all semiconductor points to a working ZD circuit that I'd built previously. It's become extremely aggravating, to say the least.


The other is a puny little POS SS Marshall amp that my sister bought at a thrift store for her boyfriend. She paid $10 for the POS, which wouldn't have been a terrible deal for a simple practice amp, had the thing actually been in working condition. As it turns out, however, the broken input jack that she brought it to me to replace turns out to have become that, all three control pots, and, with all parts replaced, no signal output whatsoever. Naturally, I had already offered to do the work for parts cost only, so, without question, I'll end up having to work on this worthless turd for at least a few hours, I'm sure.

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It's nice to have company!


I'm doing very little today.

My glucose went up. eyesight changed. went on meds. stupid type II nonsense.

now, I can't seen anything within four feet of me, glasses or not.

So.. gotta take time off and wait for my eyes to come back.

Yesterday I didn't need glasses to see close up. but I had to have them for the tv.

Now I can see the tv read the fine print from my chair.. but can't read a newspaper with glasses.



as for errors

got this guys pickguard right at least.


well. he did have to shave a bit. but better too much material than too little when working long distance.



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