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Dot machine heads


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The holes in your Dot are 10mm. Kluson tuners are 8mm, so you will need a larger bushing, which are available. You shouldn't have to ream the large holes out, just make sure whatever you are getting fits a 10mm hole. I replaced tuners on 4 of my guitars and the tuners dropped right in all of them. The holes in the back of the headstock may not line up and you may need to drill new holes there.


There are lots of options for tuners, all depends on what you want. I replaced the tuners on my Dot with Grover Vintage Green Keystones. I just liked the looks of them better than the kidney shaped buttons on the Grovers. I have since learned that AllParts sells keystone buttons that fit on the Rotomatics.


Go to Stewmac.com and look at their tuners. They are great for giving you all the dimentions you need.

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