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hello all,


it's been some time since i have posted here but it's good to be back.

okay, here we go:


Fender american special: 799

ESP EC 1000 Gold top: 799

Epiphone Tribute LP: 799



and the list goes on.....


my question is this:


as it relates to the Epi, does anyone out there have one? I am curious to know what you might think. I have eplayed the ESP and it is incredible for the price. the workmanship is flawless pluse the Seymour duncan Alnico II's are nice.


Is the quality of the Epi on par with the ESP?


Heck the ESP seems to give you some really nice equipment.

Tone pros bridge Earvana compensated nut ESP locking tuners.....


but i do like the heaviness of an EPI.


I just threw the Fender in there because it is american made.




any thoughts reviews stories would be welcom




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That strat is a cheap version off of the Hot Rodded American series Texas Special Strat that fender made from around 2000-2002 or 3. The highway one is a much better strat.


I just sold a real Texas Special from 2001 and was light years better than this strat.


ESPs are verry nice guitars. It's all personal preference.


Just my .02............................markerdown

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The EC1000 is an LTD rather than an ESP.


The other thing to factor in is that the Epi Tribute also has top quality pickups (Gibson 57 Classics) and is allowed to look just like a Gibson LP, bar the 'cut corner' book headstock. It's still a Les Paul - it says so on the headstock!


The LTD may have some fancy appoitments (maybe not all necessary) but I'd bet you'd look on it and see at as an LTD rather than a Les Paul.


The strat is totally different. If you want a USA made, mahogany bodied guitar then a Gibson LP studio faded (limited edition with Burstbuckers) or a Gibson SG special faded come in at a similar price but without the trimmings.


Sounds like you like your bling, though.



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