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My Lefty Texan is Here!


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Hello all, well after nearly 3 months wait I finally have my Mccartney Texan safe and sound.


Gotta say i'm really pleased with the condition almost zero play wear, really clean and shiny like a new penny.


The sound is what makes it tho. I've never played a lefty Texan before so it was a bit of a gamble but the sheer quality of the tone is fantastic, nice loud lows and bright highs with nice note separation. It doesn't get muddy sounding like other acoustics I've had and it really has that warmth that a Texan needs to have.


Must say thanks to pohatu771 who saw this guitar for sale and posted it on this site. If any of you remember it has a 4" humidity crack on its back from the bottom,(its a really clean break). I've taken it to a local repairer who fixes all sorts from guitars to really expensive violins and shes gonna fix it next week.


It didn't come with its original case but Guitar Center gave me this one in the pics, its a roadrunner, really good quality and it fits perfectly.


anyways, I just thought I'd shre this with you, here are some pics.








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:) Didn't realise from your Header it's a Macca-of course you're pleased with it-they're great!

They are being asked really high prices now from Dealers and even on eBay.

Also,unlike the" Inspired by "-you don't have to change anything (except strings).


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