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Got a question regarding SG`s? Help me out!


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I recently purchased an Sg-400 thru E-bay, and it comes with a set neck. What is the difference between a set neck and a bolt on neck? Is there anything else I should know about them? Also is the the "set neck" a better guitar or does this mean I screwed up? I would appreciate anyone`s help regarding this matter. ( I am buying this guitar for my grandson, his birthday is in May. I am also going to buy a case for it.) I just want to know if I am going to have problems with it, I want to be able to take care of them now! I have not received the guitar yet but I figured why not ask the the forum what to look out for, etc. Thanks everyone, for any help. Peace. I own a few epiphone`s too. 2005 Cherry Red Dot, 2006 Ebony Dot, 2008 Orange Sunburst Les Paul 100 & a 2007 Dean EVO-XM.

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Dont tell the guys at Fender that... :(


Heh. That was my first thought. That and the fact that they have all but eliminated the neck tenon, I dont see how they could resonate all that much more that a high quality bolt-on. But that is for another thread...


Anyway, yes, the set-neck SG's are much higher quality all around than their bolt-on counterparts. Better pickups, better tuners, better wood. And the set-neck models will resonate and sustain better than the bolt on 310s, mainly because the 310s are just cheaper and inferior all around...many being made of laminate.


However, the G-400s are longer and heavier with thinnner neck that have habit of breaking if they fall over or are mistreated in that area. For the life of me, I dont know why they dont just add a volute. It would eliminate that problem.


But yeah, you did good. Just be careful with that headstock.

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