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epiactive problem


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hi i finally bought epiphone em 2,, it arrived 3 days ago... everything is ok except one issue... when i plug it in... on an active setting the sound seems muted and sounds like crap... but when i play with force the sound starts to be fine and stays like that until i unplug...


well i have a sample here where you can check what i mean




on the sample i start with active setting(crap) turn to passive where everything is ok always.. then change to active again where i finally show what i mean...


well please respond and tell me if you have the same issue... if you have any questions please ask me...

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If passive mode works fine then it's more likely than not something to do with the preamp(s?[i don't know if EpiActives have individual preamps in the pickups or single external one.])


First thing I'd do is try a new battery. Active pickups can do some peculiar things when their battery is low (with my EMGs, for example, the open A string becomes strangely loud, not the A note in general, just that one position.)


Failing that, I'd send it back under warranty (assuming you bought it new.)

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i tried a new battery... still the same... also tried different amps.. still the same... the thing is that after playing with force (as in the sample) everything is fine until i unplug....:) thanks for the reply...


If you have already tried another 9v battery..

you have some kind of connection problem inside.


That sounds like distortion from some kind of intermittent problem.


Since some of the notes played sounded normal, it seems to be only

certain frequencies (or amplitudes of those frequencies affected).

Just listening to the distortion indicates either a poor connection

or a power problem.


Here's some suggestions to investigate.


Could be the jack that switches the battery on/off..those are not as reliable

as the standard switchcraft jacks because the contacts are small and tend

to oxidize.


some kind of connection between the p_ups and preamp...are the p_ups

connected through connectors?


Intermittent volume pot from the vibration of the guitar body.

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but if i have a connection problem.. wouldn't the problem be permanent??? my sound is fine after playing with force..... it is like when i do that' date=', it "wakens" the pickups...[/quote']



You have discovered that on electric guitars, a connection problem is not permanent.


These are very common intermittent problems. The signal is very tiny ( few millivolts

at best) and any connection with corrosion, "dirt/smoke contamination" or loose fitting

can cause this...a cold solder joint on a ground connection etc.

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