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JL Casino '65 question: Guitar techs please chime in!!

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I bought a John Lennon '65 Casino, not a cheap axe. I had a problem with it buzzing on the low E between 3rd-8th frets.. So, I had the frets professionally leveled, It still buzzed.. So, I had the fretboard re leveled, It still buzzes!! My question to you guys is - If the frets & fretboard are level & I use .10s sometimes .11s & still get noticeable buzz through an amp, does this mean its probably an inherent problem with all JL Casinos? I understand that some fret buzz is expected when playing hard, but even at light-medium strumming I get noticeable fret buzz that's audible through an amp.. Could it be that the 12" radius ABR-1 bridge coupled w/the 14" neck radius causes this problem? I also own a Pearless MIK Casino & have no problems whatsoever with fret buzz:-({|= Can somebody confirm my suspicions or can anyone else who owns a JL please chime in.. Thank you..

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