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To the Higher Ups! PLEASE READ THIS! About EPI LP PRO/FX


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cant afford the GIBSON right now $ but an EPI LP with a floyd rose? I heard it was coming to a store near me soon

I need to know when...does anybody know?

I have a EPI LP that is the best LP I have ever had... I think it is the greatest guitar in the world....I have always wanted an LP with a FLOYD ROSE

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody tell them to have more than one color like FIREBURST with the same hardware or BLACK with the same hardware and/or zebra pickups with a cream pickguard WINE RED would look bad *** too !!!

I SWEAR I will buy two or three.................i will need a back up

If anyone reading this knows the higher ups in Epiphone or Gibson please copy and send this message to them so we can all have one two or three Thank you


oh yea keep the price down too HAHA

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On the specs on the Epiphone site they only list Desert Burst (DB) for colors right now:




Since it's a plus top, I'd assume any additional finishes would be transparent, but maybe they'll introduce an Ebony PRO/FX or something in the future?


I don't have any info as to when they'll be available, but usually when Epi features them on their site or in their email newsletter they show up in the stores within a month or two.


Anybody want to take a guess on price? I'm thinking $699-$799? Wait, just looked at the spec again and it includes a hard case. Could be $899.

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