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I've been looking at the Swingster for a while. One of the local

stores has one in, and I went in and played it. Very nice. I'm torn

between the Swingster, and the Wildkat. Maybe when my income tax return comes in.......

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Epiphone has given the Emperor Swingster versatile new series/parallel switching via two push-pull pots on the tone controls, which allow you to change each pickup's output individually from parallel to series wiring creating a palette of useful sounds to tap into ranging from warm humbuckers to "quacky" single-coil type sounds and everything in-between.


Ordered a harness for my E-by-G Sheraton (currently in the post to Sweden) which has 4 push-pull pots which can do all the Swingster does "plus" you can split the humbuckers.


The harness cost me $85 to have made, you could knock one up for about $40 if you were good with a soldering iron, schematics available if you search this forum...."Jimmy Page".....then pick a nice set of 4 wire vintage type pickups from GFS of your choice, and nice cheap second hand Joe Pass......There's a nice project.......

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