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Why are some used guitars stamped "USED"?

Does this stamp decrease the value?

Do these stamps get applied by only authorized factory dealers? (or who)

Craigslist has a seller of a EJ200 natural finish and the price is $165.00 the big box onlines have the EJ at $399.00


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I though that "USED" meant it was a shop demo or trade show item, and "2ND" was a factory defect that could be an insignificant finish blem or a major issue. Problem with these items on eBay is you may not be able tell what the issue is until you have it in your hands.


More to the point, unless it's a rare/valuable guitar, USED or 2ND does significantly affect the value of a guitar because it's always going to be an issue upon resale.


But that's only if you consider a <$400 guitar valuable....

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