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Looking to get another Epiphone

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I buy and sell all my guitars on ebay! Never sold or bought a bad one' date=' and I [u']DONT[/u] dishonestly sell duds to people! You people really do spout some crap sometimes.


Ask lots of questions, ask for lots more pics, get them to confirm the neck is straight, the pickups work etc, and use paypal, if the guitar is not right, send it back and you are covered, or just search for locally listed items.


Dont let yourself miss out on brilliant guitars because of scare stories.



I just checked out some new Epiphones in a chain store and found the quality was terrible! Even the John Lennon Casino was junk. I'll stick with my £500 ebay bought Elitist Sheraton thanks!



PS; and the ebay bought £50 Japanese made 1973 '69 Strat clone that smokes the american standard I also tried today!



I think the point here is that - as in all things - Caveat Emptor is the name of the game.

Knowing the things I've learned on this site about Gumtree, Craigslist and now Preloved, I have a much wider selection to compare and contrast from. If the right guitar comes up on eBay, at the right price, and if it's local enough so that I can try it out, I'd be a bit daft not to at least give it a look.

Meantime, I want to thank all of you who have responded, especially Allanssaab who is kind enough to let me try out his SG400 and LP.

I must say that this is a terrific forum and I'm glad that I've found it.


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Les Paul.





Matiac I love that photo an old guy, JW, playing blues on a Firebird........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh "an where do you want that killin done, down on Highway 61"



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Not to digress from the point of this post, but Johnny Winter, in my opinion, is probably the best slide guy out there doin' Blues. I've heard 'em all, and Johnny just outshines 'em all...'cept Duane Allman. OK, Johhny AND Duane are the TWO best in my opinion.

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