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Crap effects that changed my amp loads!

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Now ive had my mates korg ax10g multi effects pedal thing for months and never tried it (had one years ago and took it back to the shop as it was crap) so i thought id give it ago with my blackstar ht5.


In front of the amp on the distortion channel it is hideously crap!

In front of the amp on clean channel it is hideously crap!

In the fx loop its suprisingly very good at some things.


I wanted to try the delay out so i messed about with for a while and its usable so thats a plus.


Now i tried the other effects, and there all pretty rubbish, but then i stumbled upon 'FILTER' and with this on and only on 3 out of 30 it makes my amp have loads of presence and makes it sound like a marshall! Very good effect but havent a clue what i does but it good! sound wicked when cranked!


I cant believe that the wah is on there it is so bad its unreal.


So anyone wanna help, whats a filter effect???

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Although this is by no means a technical description, from I have read about it, thing of it a steady point in the range sweep of a wah pedal. You set it as desired and you leave it, giving you the effect of a certain tonal change in your sound. Many guitarists have used their wah pedals as filters in the past, getting a ''fatter'' or more ''vocal-like'' tone. Of course, you need a wah that the rocker does not automatically reclines...

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Cheers guys,


What i was after was what the effect was doing to my sound, like M-theory said a mid boost.


I asked the same question over on the orange amps forum too and got some good info about eq.


They said it was probably a bandpass filter which could be achieved by a parametric eq also.


Well since, i have now got a Artec Parametric EQ pedal (£40) from the ebay and its great! Does exactly the same thing but only better!


The korg was good in the fx loop of my amp for changing the sound and adding a touch of effect but i found crap overall. The distortions were horibble and thin and fizzy.


Now i just run my guitar, amp (Reverb and parametric eq in the Loop) speaker.


I found my amp was lacking a lead sound but with this i can get it no problem. Has turned my lead sound it a marshall sound. Still very thick sounding but with bite and presence!


Couldnt be happier!


Also my new Bare Knuckle Miracle man pickups would help a little bit too lol

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