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The usual problems with this switch can be cured in the following manner.. MOST of the time.


remove back cover.

remove switch plate nut..


you can see two strips of metal which when the toggle is up or down get pushed away from contact.


the tension on these strips is too light.. If you take a needle nose pliers and gently bend them so more pressure is

on them when the switch allows them to contact.. *middle position*

usually that's all it takes.


what happens is the contacts aren't tight.. so when you toggle you get to hear them separate and reconnect.

no fun.


there's a lot of foo fa raw about the actual contact points..

sooner or later any contact point gets grungy.. what you need is metal to metal as bare as possible with no

build up from use, dirt, etc.

so I like to use extra fine sandpaper. just pull an inch of it through between each contact point..

then turn paper over and redo.. so that you get both sides..


those points can be dirty, rusted, varnished, etc.

so all you want to do is get the surface clean.



you don't have to unsolder it.. just don't pull the wires off. or bend a crease into the strips. they just need a bit more tension.

then they are a very good switch..

mines been.... three years on with no further problem..


epi lp studio

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