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Does anyone know if the original Epiphone forum was archived anywhere? I was active on it for years and recall many wonderful fellow posters who contributed alot of information of both historic and contemporary Epiphone guitars. Some threads were alot like encyclopedias for all things Epiphone. While I have been off the forums for a while, I found myself playing my Epiphones regularly and recently went shopping for a new Casino (ended up ordering a Elitist in VS). The experience made me think back to the info exchange I enjoyed on the Epi forum. I looked for Walliman, butt didn't see his screen name registered here in the member list. (Are you here Walliman under a new moniker?). Incidentally, my user name on the old Epi Forum was Dennis68, but I chose EPIDEN this time when I registered here...


Anyhow, if anyone here came over from the old forum or knows of an archive, I'd enjoy hearing from you.



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