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Epiphone vs. Gibson overall quality


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I my experience' date=' (A/B-ing new Gibsons to new Epis and other brands.) quality control of Gibson (RIGHT NOW that is...) is absolute $hit. You have to spend AT LEAST $2000 to get a decent fret job from the factory. A $300 Epi G400 has perfect frets 95 of 100 times.


Lets compare the LP standard models shall we?:

The Epiphones are 90% of the sound for 30% of the price. Even if you upgrade everything on it to top of the line, you get 99% of the sound for 45-50% of the price of the Gibby.


Not that Gibsons aren't nice, they're just one giant rip-off. They could cut the price by a third and still make a massive profit. It's sheer greed. And I'm throwing my BS flag on it.




Geez Hungrycat! Don't hold back, tell us what you really think! (chuckle)



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