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Epiphone Casino Project.


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You need more canisters there buddy.


Be sure its very dry for the next couple weeks before you start' date=' and sand sand sand.


Did you burn through the top there? On the treble side?[/quote']


Aside from the two boxes of Preval Units, I bought two spare power units. I'm not sure if even THAT's gonna be enough. We'll see.


On the treble side? Nope, only place I sanded through is a tad bit on the lower control cavity which will be covered by the pickup cover and a tad bit on the treble volume control hole which will be covered by the pot's nut and washer and the knob.


EDIT: Sand between coats you mean? All of them or clear coats?

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Brian, I love you. This article is perfect. Although it only touches upon the subject, it has enough info to point me in the right direction.


I'm getting started riiigghhhhttttt..



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So here is my Casino after staining it with vintage amber and three clear coats. I'm waiting for this last coat to dry so I can lightly wet sand it and start with the cherry burst.



Waiting sucks. I've been smoking cigarettes and keeping myself busy but I keep wanting to go outside and look at it. Makes the wait THAT much longer.


Grr. Damn nitro. Another hour or so and it'll be good. I think.


Wish I had a beer right now.


It's a bright, dry, and humid day in San Antonio. I lucked out. The weather here has been really crappy. Overcast skies, lots of rain.

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Have you done anything like this before? Good luck with it I hope it turns out how you want it!! top thread[biggrin]


Never. I'm going into this WITHOUT ANY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of the subject at all. So far so good! It's looking REEAALLL good. Well, honestly. It looks good. Not great. I'M not satisfied with it but honestly it doesn't look bad.


I've been getting really good at spraying though, even with those Preval spray units. Just a couple more clear coats, the darker cherry for the outer burst and horns, and a couple more clear coats.


I'll post a picture later on in the day.

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I don't know about the nitro you're using, but when I was using aerosol, it dried very quickly - enough to sand, anyway. I could sand it within two days of spraying, and spray a second coat within three hours of the first.


That was, of course, spraying outside on sunny days, and always below 40% humidity.

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I don't want to jump the gun seeing how this is my first time spraying nitro but it does dry very quickly, to the touch at least. Brian mentioned it doesn't really "stop" drying.


I just want to make sure I let it sit long enough before I lay down another coat. That's all. I'm using Behlen.


Just one more coat. I put down another wet coat.

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Get that thing inside!!!


Nitro doesn't dry, it cures. It takes weeks before you can hit it with any sand paper. Months to years before it "fully" cures. You need a very stable environment to do nitro work. Steady temp, proper humidity, ZERO DUST (again get it inside).

Grain sealer? What did you sand down to? Was it just paper in hand or did you block it?


I would stop where you are at, go to the library and get a book on refinishing instruments. Then soak it all in and read it again.


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So, I'm done with the front pretty much for now. I gotta spray a couple more clear coats then wet sand and polish but I needed to work on the back.


So, I just stained the back and neck tobacco brown and wooooooooow that grain in the back looks pretty sweet.


I'm gonna take a picture once the stain dries just to show you all how it's coming along.

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NOTE: If you notice on the back, there's some cherry stain still on the neckjoint. I plan to do a fading black stinger like on the sunburst IBJL Casino's.


And yes, Musikron. I did sand through on the right side of the back horn. Doesn't bother me though. It'll serve as a reminder of the journey that and no one is gonna see it when I'm playing. lol

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Anthony - Excellent thread, been following it as you went.

I don't own a Casino/Hollowbody, but am definitely flagging this

for future reference.

I have other folk's start to finish projects/builds flagged, thinking

about creating a section in the DIY thread Original Post for stuff

like this so others can see the progression in "real time" (via the magic of

posts accumulated over time...) of various projects/refinishes from start to finish.

Can't wait to see more!

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