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The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Limited CGT features:


* Mahogany body

* Maple veneer over carved top (US Classic Gold top)

* Set mahogany neck

* Slim-tapered neck profile

* Rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays

* Scale: 24-3/4"

* Nut width: 1-11/16"

* 2x Seymour Duncan Alnico Classic humbuckers

* Chrome hardware

* Grover tuners

* LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar tailpiece

* Finish: Gold




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From what I've read the Classic has the thicker 50's neck. The Slash has the thinner 60's neck. Both have long tenon.


How do you like it?


Check the link in my previous post for more info...

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I am primarily a drummer, but have been noodling with guitars for about 2 years now. I've been trying to find a'great' guitar for the $ and I think this is the one.

It seems that most guitars under $500 suffer from inferior p/ups and hardware, and this Epi has all the quality parts, including bridge and pots, switch and jack. About $400 in parts alone.

The neck does seem a little fatter than most of the guitars I've tried. I was very close to buying a Epi LP Studio, with the 60's neck, even considered MIM Tele's, they just feel good to me, but are less versatile unless you buy a custom model, checked out the Squire J5, but its a bit of a tank and I like the idea of the set neck better.

For $120 more I got better wood, better finish, better everything ! I can deal with the neck.

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This does look a good deal.


I've been reading the threads on mylespaul and people who have one seem to be saying that the neck has a long tenon and 1958 fat rear profile; and that the pickups are, in fact, SD Alnico pro IIs.


What is the neck profile on the Slash model? The Epi website just says it's his "favorite".



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I saw one of these at Long and Mcquade in Toronto last year' date=' it was new and the pickups said "designed by" Seymour Duncan, it was $400 and change.[/quote']



Not as good a deal if that's the case.


The spec list is confusing but I think they would have to advertise them as 'Duncan Designed' if they aren't real SDs.



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This guitar has real SD's, apparently they are the same pickups as the Slash model. I've concluded that the only differences are the neck profile and the truss rod badge, besides all the nifty Slash stuff, but if the Slash was $1000 and this axe is $540 (no case plus they are regular $740), I think $460 is a lot of dough for a few trinkets unless you are a huge Slash fan.


Anyways, compared to the Studio they had for $470, this guitar has binding, inlaid fret markers, SDs, and better electronics as well as a higher end bridge.


I think its a bargain compared to any other guitars in this price range.

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Well, I did check that link, and it says nothing specific about the pups other than they are Duncan's, but it's a marketing ploy - when you pick up the guitar in person and read the sticker affixed to the face of the pup, let me know what it says.


Different model or not, as you mention for $600 CDN you get an EE les paul with all Chinese electrics, so how do you figure you'll get a guitar with made in USA Duncans's for less money?


Best bet - go to L-M and let us know what you see

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I already have the guitar. I have compared it closely to the Studio and the p/ups are not the same. They actually don't have as much 'bite', I'd say they've got a little more 'growl', more classic than metal.


There were no stickers on the p/ups when I got it, just the L & M tag stating 'Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II'. The pots fit USA knobs (Gibson) and the Vol. pots have a smooth consistent roll off compared to the Studio's that roll off a little bit and then switch right off (like most mid price guitars). The bridge is beefier than the Studios, with nicer saddles.


Again, a hell of a guitar for $600 incl. tax. Nothing needs upgrading.


Kudos to L & M for the half price hardshell case and free strap locks !

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just picked up one of these via Canada.


The pups are indeed SD alnico pro IIs....






It does indeed seem to be the Slash minus the truss rod cover and other goodies - which is okay by me.



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They are available over here' date=' too






I have one sitting next to me that a friend got from Musicstore.


She's trully amazing.


Fat 50's style neck (I like that type of necks), SD Alnico Pro II and she really plays very well.

There's some buzz on the frets on the low E and A string but that is because it has been sitting in a case in a very humid house.

I borrowed it because it isn't being played and I'm having a go at it.

I am going to take it to my luthier to fix this buzzing but other than that she's really great.

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