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Not sure!!! ft45 cortez


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More info is needed to get a handle on what the price should be along with pictures, it could be a treasure or it could be a piece of junk, just because of what it is the condition really determines the value in this market, one in excellent shaope might sell for as much as $1500-1800. But you also have to remember that the market place is what determines the true value and if there are enough folks out there that are interested in your guitar you might even get more.

Do not try to sell locally and don't look at E-bay with out enough of a reserve to keep you happy just in case only 1 bid comes in and its a low end bid and do not look at selling out side of the North American, seen to may scams from out side qand you run the risk of being screwed over, at least here you have some protection with pay-pal.

Or as I mentioned a auction house or even look at some folks who sell vintage guitars, at this point they would be able to give you a better understanding of what it migh achieve but then don't forget they are going to take at least 25%.Ship

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