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PHOTO of a girl with epiphone cherry colour guitar


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I was looking for epiphone rivieras and casions and i came across this picture of a girl/woman on stage playing a cherry riviera or casino on this forum somewhere. She was in a famous band it seemd but I didnt recognise it. She looked pretty grungy and she might have had dyed red hair. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/where i can find the picture/who it was?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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ah weird i know some one from cape cod. wel i dont know him but he added me on facebook because hes got the same name as me but spelt slightly differently. He used to run a record store called Caped Cod. Is it a big place?

Which, Cape Cod or Caped Cod?


My son and his friends used to go to Caped Cod. Never been myself.


Cape Cod is the largest cape in the US. Here's the Wiki on the Cape. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Cod


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