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How can I keep my white finished SG white?


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Hey guys I am going to be buying a 2007 GOTH week 26 RI.




This will be my first SG and I had some questions.


Does any one have any tips on keeping the finish white?

I have seen 90's versions that have yellowed while 60's seem to keep there color. Is the GOTH Week 26 built similarly to the 90's SGs or the 60's?


Also, there is a rubber stain on the neck. Anyway of getting rid of it?


Thanks all!



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Keeping the white, white? It will yellow over time, you can't prevent aging.

Look at Heritage Cherry Les Pauls, over time they change to an Iced Tea colour and eventually Lemonburst.

You can slow it down by leaving the guitar in the case when not in use.

Rubber stain? Have any pictures?

(You need a photobucket account, then you paste the IMG code here)

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Sweet guitar, I have one and it's my #2. As far as not yellowing, keep it out of the sun and wipe it down after you use it. I'd be careful about using too much wax/polish since those will also yellow with age. As for the rubber stains, there's not much you can do about them. They're caused by the nitro finish reacting with the black rubber "protection" on some guitar stand and wall hangers.


For your enjoyment:



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It's not the white that turns yellow, it's the clear lacquer that yellows with age.


Some of the old Gibson finishes used aniline dyes, that's why the colors faded with age as Tim A described above.


It is very difficult to stop clear lacquer from yellowing with age.


You can slow it down a bit by keeping the guitar in the case when not in use.


There is another factor here- Gibson changed the formula for the nitro lacquer in 2006, some guys have said that plasticizers were added, but I don't know the facts.


If it really was changed, only time will tell how the new formula is affected.

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I own that same guitar. I'm wondering the same thing about keeping it white. I play mine often and it is yellowing where it contacts my skin even though I wipe it down regularly. The neck is getting pretty yellow, which I'm not worried about, but it's also yellowing where my wrist rests on the body. I'd really like for the body to stay uniform in color. I've tried Virtuoso Premium Cleaner and Polish, and it works great for removing dulling and stains that rubbed off from my strap, but it doesn't remove the yellowing. I figure the nitro lacquer is either reacting with my sweat or absorbing the oil in my skin.

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