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One quick question

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You should get a poster, a warranty card, a cable, and a wrench for the truss rod in a bag.


Get yourself a cable 12' or less.. with switchcraft jacks.

Longer cable runs kill more signal so 12' is considered the max length.


When you get a new guitar, it's smart to go over it with a screwdriver.. check every screw and make sure it's firmly tightened.

They're made by people and people make mistakes.


Check you volume and tone controls.. sometimes the nut underneath is loose..

If you leave it that way when you turn the knob, it will turn the pot inside and eventualy short out or break a wire.

When you tighten a nut on a pot, beneath the knobs, you'll see the pot shaft is split.

so you can turn the pot all the way down. put a screwdriver tip in the slot.


this lets you tighten the nut without turning the pot.

that way the tightening process doesn't wind up being the same problem as the loose nut.


the bridge and tail piece are both adjustable with a screwdriver.

But do some research or ask here before adjusting things.. make sure you get a good safe process. and most things on a G400 will

dial right in just fine.

don't forget to check your tuning machine screws on the back of the headstock.


and remember that the output jack can also be loose.. so check that.

and your guard screws, and esp the strap buttons..

loose strap button screws are more responsible for stripping out the holes and letting your guitar fall off than anything.


You should check them, and the output jack, periodically, as the twisting of the strap or the cable can work at them and make them loose.


This is pretty much true of any guitar at any price.



others may want to add tips!

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