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You amp guys are weird.....


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I know jackshit about guitars and even less about amps...


I bought a amp recently that has a Wilder speaker and on another forum someone hit me with this:


I have several Wilder speakers I bought from a local guy that parts out organs. They come from Gulbratsen organs. Wilder did make some solid state amps for a couple of years, maybe 70/71 or so. I have read that Kieth Richards used one on some recordings and one US tour about that time. I also read that several Chicago based rock bands from that time used the Wilder amps. They were a Chicago based company. I had a picture of a 4-12" speaker cabinet, no head, but I had it on my old computer when it crashed. I've spent quite a bit of time tryng to find out more, but this about all I know. There was a Harmony Central review or two, but I haven't been able to dredge them up with thier new system.


I have one Wilder 12" with a jensen style cone (no whizzer) in my Deluxe Reverb, I love it, that's why I bought the others. There are 10" and 12" that come from the organs, they appear to all be 1 1/2" voice coils, large round alnico magnets (quite like a P12N) and I have three different style cones in the 12" speakers, one is quite like a P12N, another one looks much like a british cone (no whizzer), and the others all have the whizzer cone type. All of the 10" that I have also have the whizzer cones. The whizzers can be cut out, and experimenting with one of the 10's I installed a large H-type dustcap, that warmed it up quite a bit. my 2 cents, JD




1) Who is Keith Richards....only joking...got ya didn't I...

2) What is a whizzer....no I am serious this time....

3) 1 and a 1/2 voice coils well....excuse me.....please explain

4) Cone styles...al a.......P12N......British cone Whizzers....stop now


I knew there was something weird about you guys who hang out in Epiphone Amps & Accessories



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A whizzer is cone material that's glued around the edge of the dust cap, sticking out. Since highs tend to come off this part of the speaker, a whizzer will tend to accentuate them.


1-1/2" voice coil is simply the diameter of the voice coil in a particular speaker. Voice coils are measured in inches.


Cone style refers to the particular shape/design of a particular speaker cone.


Nothing at all weird about there being specific words associated with the trade. It's just like any other industry. If you work underneath cars, you know what a tie rod end is, if you slice people open for a living, you know what a hemostat is, if you work in telecom, you know what SONET is, and if you know amps and speakers, you know what a whizzer and voice coil are.

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Thanks guys [crying]


Just having a little bit of fun.....


Just find it amazing the whole new set of terminologies you have to learn once you walk around and start looking in the back of a amp instead of just plugging into the front of it....


Thanks for the help

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I read up a good bit on speakers when I was converting my shorted out Fender Frontman 60w combo into a speaker cab for my Blackstar HT-5 head..........

I was amazed at all the variables involved with modern speakers.


I always liked the tone from the Frontmans well "broken in" 12"generic Jensen speaker (nothing but a blue "F/J" stamped on the back), so I left it in the cab, pulled the power chassis from above it, installed & soldered in a 1/4" input socket on the back of the cab, cut a new grille cover frame to cover the hole left by the chassis and covered it with vintage Fender cloth purchased online.


By investing less than $45 and about 2 hrs. work, I saved myself the cost of a Blackstar speaker cab, which is $199 for a 1x10" unit.

I've toyed with the idea of a speaker swap, but the old Jensen lends a very vintage tone to a humbucking p'up........i'd describe it as "smooth bite".


Here are a before & after of the cab........it was incredibly easy to convert, and prevented the wasting of a perfectly good speaker & cabinet.





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Great job Bender.....I know what you mean about the older speakers I really like what comes out of my Pacemaker and I am sure that is a lot to do with the Wilder speaker. Its a bit of a beast.....







Wow Joe........how old is that?


I've got to get in touch with my Godson and find out if he still has the old Fender cab I loaned him several years ago..........It was a very simple, open back rig that housed an 18" Jensen with a red & white paper label on the back.....not a generic I don't think, and it was ancient.

When I had it, I was playing my Univox B-group U-1010 exclusively, so I never even tried it out, heck, I got it FREE from a friend that didn't need it.

I don't even know if the 5w head would even "push" that 18" speaker, but i'd sure like to find out.

I think i'll give "kiddo" a call today and try to track it down.


Edit: oops, thats a U-1010..........I made the correction.

Thanks again for all the Univox info. you posted a while back Joe.

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