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Mini Humbuckers on Firebirds


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I was reading a lot of reviews of the current crop of Epiphone Firebirds and that the pickups are the same as the ones that go on the don't sound any different to G-400s which means that they sound the same as G-400s as opposed to the mini humbuckers that make Firebirds sound so different.


My question is......


Can you fit Mini Humbuckers to a new Firebird or has the body been routed differently so that they won't fit?


If this is possible, I would consider buying one.

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I assume you're talking about the Firebird Studio?


If so, in essence the guitar is a Firebird-shaped 'SG' - all mahogany body and neck with rosewood fret-board with 2 full sized humbuckers, rather than being the classic 3 piece Firebird body with mini-humbuckers. It doesn't sound like what most people say a Firebird should, it definitely isn't as 'bright'. However this is not to say it isn't a fantastic guitar :(


The routing in the guitar is too big to fit mini-humbuckers in, but you can buy mounting rings that will allow them to drop straight in, I've seen a few on eBay........


My Firebird Studio now has Gibson 490R/498T pups with CTS pots, orange caps, switchcraft jack and toggle switch and full braided wiring along with 2 micro-switches for coil-splitting and phase-switching, so it is now versatile enough for my needs

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Torresfan......I would wait and find an Unsung Epi Firebird I nearly jumped on one a couple of weeks ago for 4500swedish krona.....$625......£406......here is the thread


They have a set neck and are ready routed for minis...the one I nearly bought had a set of duncans ready fitted. Those firebirds with full size humbuckers are not firebirds in my book....it must have that firebird "voice" and you will only get that with a good set of Firebird pickups.....Lollars, Gibson, SD............I decided to save my 4500sek and sold two of other guitars and went full hog and ordered a "VS Gibby Bird V" Maybe I just could not handle the thought of owning a white guitar....[biggrin]



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